The educational status of Women in South Arcot District – A Study from Independence to 1993 C.E

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The purpose of the paper is to highlight the educational status of Women in South Arcot District since Independence to 1993 C.E. because the women are considered as intellectually, morally and physically inferior to men and many restriction in social behavior, mobility, succession and inheritance are improved upon them. Education is an entry point to other opportunities, and it is a powerful tool for reducing inequality as it can give people, the ability to take control of their lives. Investing in Female education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty as investment in secondary school education for Female yields high dividends. Women’s education in South Arcot District is playing its own significant role, which in turn constitutes as a basic factor securing development of women. As per the Census of 1961, the percentage of Female literacy in the district is 26.86 which is third lowest literacy percentage in the State.The improving educational level of women in the district during the Post-independence period is wide- gap as compared to male community. Besides, various incentives like, mid- day meal, free text-book, free uniform, etc. have increased the enrolment in the schools and the Female literacy percentage is 38.7 as per the Census of 1991 in the district. Despite that the rural area parents are reluctant to send their daughters to school, if the Governments take suitable plan for women’s education would secure for relevance and better women society may be expected in South Arcot District in future.

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