Social Condition of the Shevaroy Hills Tribes at Salem District in Tamilnadu (1947 C.E – 2001 C.E)

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of social condition of the Shevaroy hills tribes because of their extreme level of social backwardness and they reside in remote isolated areas away from any other kind of human interaction. Special attention and care are required for them to lead normal live like others. The Yercaud hill area is called Shevaroy hills, it is situated in the Eastern ghats of Salem district in Tamil Nadu state. Shevaroys is the anglicized name for Servarayan, and is a detached hill range, covering an area of 50 sq. m. The total extent of the range is 382.67 sq. kms, including Reserve Forests which includes the sanatorium and several old coffee plantations. The original inhabitants of this picturesque hill station are the Malayalis (Scheduled Tribes) a Tamil speaking Hindus. Their houses are circular, the walls are made of split bamboo, daubed with clay and conical roof is thickly thatched with grass. Nuclear type of family is common among the tribal communities in the Shevaroy hills, they were more comfortable with less family members, Malayali women enjoy equal status with their men. Drinking water is available throughout the year except in the summer months when they are forced to search for alternative water sources which are unclean and contaminated. The tribal households are affected to a great extent by the available hospital facilities, there is only one government hospital in the whole of Shevaroy hills to cater to the needs of the residents and majority of them have to travel to other towns for almost all ailments including maternity needs. The research conducted during the course of the study was unique in bringing out the difficulties of these tribals and it provides an emphasis on their upliftment as citizens of India. 

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