Perioperative Evaluation of Events in Congenital Heart Disease In Children: A Prospective Observational Study

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Dr Rizwan Ahmed, Dr Mahesh Fulwani


Background: Perioperative management of congenital heart disease in children involves preoperative patient evaluation as well intraoperative and post-operative monitoring and care. It involves clinical examination, physical examination, history taking, conducting blood tests, diagnostic tests such as 2 D Echo, and ECG prior to cardiac surgery. Post-operative care and monitoring, antibiotics, mechanical ventilation, inotropic support, and nutritional rehabilitation also play an important role in reducing complications and morbidity after cardiac surgery. The main purpose of perioperative management evaluation is to assess prior risks in children, accurate diagnoses, and early recovery, manage complications, and improve outcomes in congenital heart disease.

Aim Of Study: To evaluate outcomes in children with congenital heart disease in a tertiary hospital in Central India

Methods: Type of Study: Prospective Study, Duration of Study: 6 months. All children admitted to the hospital of age group up to 18 yrs. with congenital heart disease posted for surgery with being included in the study after prior informed written consent from the parent or guardian. All necessary investigations prior to surgery will be done. Children will be followed up from prior to cardiac surgery to post-operative recovery and discharge.

Result: The study was done on thirty children with congenital heart disease undergoing cardiac intervention or surgery at our center. Pre and post-operative monitoring, and blood investigations were done. Results were obtained comparing pre and post-cardiac procedures which were analysed statically. Significant values were obtained in different parameters like post-operative heart rate, platelet counts, and electrolytes after the cardiac intervention.

Conclusion: This study will help us in evaluating perioperative care and management in children undergoing cardiac surgery with congenital heart disease. It will help in early recovery, preventing complications, and reducing post-operative morbidity in children.

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