Education for Amelioration of Moral Behavior: A Strive for Achieving Social Sustainability

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Rachita Gupta, Dr.Priyanka Singh Niranjan


Background: Amelioration of Moral Behavior is a primary focus of Education for many decades but a recently added concept is Education for Sustainable Development which targets at achieving 17 SDGs as mentioned in UNESCO 2020 agenda. The concept of Social Sustainability has been put forth as an interpretation of five of these SDGs.

Objective: The Moral Behavior has been studied in the light of its social significance. In the second step, important foundations of Social Sustainability have been studied in order to understand the process in depth. Thereafter, the role and relevance of Education has been studied separately for developing Moral Behavior and achieving Sustainability. And finally, the relation between Moral Behavior and Sustainability has been explored.

Method: The authors in this study have attempted to achieve the objectives through sequential analysis of existing literature.

Discussion and Result: The authors have compiled the findings to come up with implications for stakeholders of Education system viz Policy makers/ management, curriculum developers and Teachers so that an educational setting conducive to both Sustainable and Moral Development can be ensured. The authors, to continue the chain of research in perspective area, have suggested a few research ideas.

Conclusion: The theoretical underpinnings suggest a parallelism between Education suggested for Moral growth and that suggested for achieving SDGs pertaining to Social Sustainability.

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