The Effect of Customer Satisfaction in Digital Marketing on During the Pandemic Period In Telangana State

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K Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, Dr. D Jagadeesan, Dr. Thavva Vara Lakshmi


The purpose of current study is to compile the findings of a number of studies and publications in the field of retailing and consumer behaviour to depict the factors through an in-depth analysis of the relevant literature to understand dynamics of a consumer’s buying behaviour towards online and offline shopping pre, during and post Covid 19 outbreak. To accomplish this, a review of the empirical studies related to the consumer online and offline shopping behaviour was performed. To carried out literature review a term-based search method was applied which was restricted to a certain date and specific online databases. Only peer-reviewed articles in English-language journals are considered for review. After an extensive literature review, 70 relevant articles are identified. The factors that influence consumers’ online and offline purchase intentions pre, during and post Covid 19 outbreak were classified according to their similarity and patterns. The literature was divided into numerous components effecting consumer buying behaviour and as a result, the study framework was designed using a content analysis of multiple research publications. The study presents a conceptual framework for exploring the factors that impact online and offline shopping behaviour. The limitation of this study is that this is a conceptual study with no real proof of the factors' connection. The number of articles found is limited due to the term-based search approach utilized. In this digital era, the consumer can interact with a retailer's digital storefront to purchase the products or services over the internet. With one click, customer can glance the information regarding the product and services. Today, Buyers are only a click away from comparing competitor’s products and attributes. All around, the world is witnessing the impact of digital marketing on consumer behaviour. This study makes an attempt to understand the impact on consumer behaviour specifically in the process of consumer buying behaviour by taking two areas of digital marketing i.e. online ad banner and digital word of mouth(D-WOM) in the form of user generated product reviews and ratings. The study has adopted a mixed method of study i.e. qualitative and quantitative study where in the qualitative study, in-depth interview of 20 participants has been taken in order to get the insight picture. In the quantitative study, a survey has been taken out on 800 sample size selected on the random basis after confirming the eligibility of the respondents. It has been concluded that the digital marketing makes some really good impact on the consumer behaviour with special reference to select cities.

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