Pottery Marketing Competitive Strategy in Pattallassang Sub-district Takalar Regency, Indonesia

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Romansyah Sahabuddin, Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Ishlah Idrus, Hamsyah, Abdul Karim


This study aims to find facts about market-oriented competitive strategies and their impact on innovation in terms of competitive advantage and marketing performance of the pottery business in the Pattallassang Sub-district. The total population of pottery entrepreneurs is 171 people and the number of research samples is 120 determined based on the Slovin formulation. The research method uses a quantitative approach with an emphasis on explanatory research. Collecting data using a survey with a questionnaire instrument through a Likert scale measurement. The analytical method used in this study is descriptive statistics to describe the research variables and inferential statistics using structural equation model analysis. The results show that there is a significant and positive effect of market orientation on competitive advantage. Furthermore, partially market orientation and innovation have a significant and positive impact on the marketing performance, of the three variables, namely: market orientation, innovation, and competitive advantage, where a market orientation has a more dominant influence on marketing performance and is followed by competitive advantage and innovation.

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