The impact of the outcomes of tourism education diploma certificate in the development of human resources in the Tourism Authority

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Muntaha Ahmed Mohammed Al-Nuaime, Salah Kazem Azzawi Al-saidi


Tourism is an important driver of the global economy that affects societies all over world Which is currently undergoing a radical change , responding change requires existing economic models and educational systems It is based on an integrated framework for tourism education(TE) to help develop the skills and capabilities of  tourism managers(TM) In the future and adopt alternative leadership models within the sector , to promote critical , responsible thinking , practice in field of tourism.

The research aims to clarify relationship between outputs of (TE) (diploma) , extent of its impact on development of human resources in Tourism Authority(TA). Started a main problem represented by a question centered on nature of influencing relationship between variables ,The study was done by analyzing data on the tourism outputs(TO) of educational institutions at diploma level As (independent variable) , inputs of (TA) from human resources (tourism  specializations(TS) in (TA) as (dependent variable) and its role in its development. On the basis of it, main hypotheses were developed for Achieving the goal of above-mentioned research SO , testing the validity of hypotheses, the researchers adopted A time series that depends on availability of data in relevant institutions , departments, as well as use of (personal interviews) for employees concerned in this field. A set of measures , statistical methods were used, represented by (frequency tables, percentage, percentage change, graphs, Pearson simple correlation coefficient, Z-test, F-test, simple and multiple linear regression analysis, coefficient of determination R2) using the SPSS v24 statistical program.

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