Impact of Micro-Teaching on Assertiveness in Teaching of Prospective Teachers

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Dr. N. Prema


           Teaching is a multifarious effort, cannot be succeeded by all. It needs tremendous confidence, dedication, interest, curiosity in updating knowledge, hard work and thirst for wellbeing of students in all aspects. Since the prospective teachers might have confidence and good attitude towards teaching, they would have joined in Teacher Education courses. Only very few students may join the course by the compulsion of their parents. Though they haven’t experience in teaching, they feel nervous in teaching.  But, by practicing the micro teaching skills, may bring much more confidence among the trainees to move further for practice teaching in schools. So, this research work has been aimed to recognize the confidence in teaching of prospective teachers (B.Ed Students) after practicing micro-teaching skills. There are 157 students of B.Ed course were taken as sample for this investigation. A tool to measure their teaching confidence and affective behavior about the micro-teaching sessions has been constructed and standardized by the investigator. Since it is a single group design, the tool has been employed before and after practicing micro-teaching skills as pre-test and post-test. The difference between pre-test and post-test scores have been analyzed by applying ‘t’ test. A significant improvement has been found after micro-teaching sessions even among the students they were shy to speak in front of audience.  

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