Correlation of Inflammatory Markers with Severity of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (mis-c) in Tertiary Care Hospital of Central India: A Cross Sectional Study.

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Dr. Swapnali Bansode, Dr. Rizwan Ahmed, Dr. Pradeep Pazare,


AIM OF STUDY: To determine the correlation of inflammatory Markers with the severity of MIS-C.

METHOD:  The Paediatrics Department of the NKPSIMS Medical College in Nagpur has undertaken observational research. From March to October 2021, all kids diagnosed with MIS-C who were hospitalised at our hospital between the ages of 1 month and 18 years were included in the research. All blood tests and inflammatory indicators were examined in all MIS-C patients, and the severity of the condition was treated in accordance with the findings.

RESULTS: Twenty kids were diagnosed with MIS-C following a COVID infection. All kids who met the MIS-C requirements had biochemical evaluations including all blood tests and indicators of inflammation. Increased levels of inflammatory markers were closely associated with severe MIS-C patients. Most instances were mild to severe cases, and they were all treated in accordance with their sickness categorization. One death fell into category 4.

CONCLUSION:  The severity of MIS-C in children was correlated with inflammatory indicators in this study, which will offer insights into current therapeutic management and implications for immediate future research initiatives.

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