Regional Public Water Company Business Plan for Sustainable Economic in Makassar City, Indonesia

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Abdul Karim, Natsar Desi, Amrullah Ahmad


Water is an essential need for humans, especially to meet daily needs. As many as 63.64% of the population of Makassar City choose a regional public company the fulfilment water needs in Makassar City. The total water demand of Makassar City residents in 2025 is 2,819 litres per second. The research was conducted using a real needs survey, a field activity carried out to record the behaviour of prospective customers and the management of state-owned enterprises. The analysis was carried out to obtain valid information related to customers' behaviour, potential customers, and management of the Makassar City drinking water public company. Good corporate governance is a process and structure used by corporate organs to improve business success and corporate accountability. They are increasing the company's contribution to improving the regional economy in Makassar City in a sustainable manner. The company's business management by prioritizing business ethics and implementing work ethics within the company is intended so that every member of the company can behave, behave, interact and carry out work processes both inside and outside the company. Every organ in the company, namely the owners of capital, the supervisory board, and the board of directors can interact with each other and manage the company as well as possible while taking into account the interests of various parties and adhering to the principles of good corporate governance and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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