Quest for Self and Identity: A Study of Sherwood Anderson's Windy Mcpherson’s Son

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Mrs.U.Sujatha, Dr.M.Madhavan, Dr.R.Manimozhi,


All of Sherwood Anderson's literary creations evoked many facets of human existence. Sam McPherson, the hero, is the subject of the 1916 book Windy McPherson's Son. The main focus of the narrative is his search for meaning in life. Industrial and business ethics are portrayed by Anderson as being inhumane. He demonstrates how in a superficially minded culture; man has lost any sense of significance and human values. One no longer recognizes oneself as a genuine human being. These are the issues that Anderson appears to identify in the novel. He makes the implication that people should endeavor to comprehend life and love for others instead of accepting the world of consumerism. To overcome the boundaries of human loneliness, love is discussed in this novel. This paper throws light on the issues of human loneliness, human love, and individual identity.

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