An Effect Of Advertising On Consumer Behavior: A Study With Reference To Consumer Product And Services In Hyderabad

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Dr. T. Raja Mohan, B. JAYAKAR


This study examined the impact of advertising on consumer buying behavior in Hyderabad in Telangana State. Most organizations in Telangana pay unexcited attitude in advertising their products and services through effective advertising medium and this have adverse effect on their output in terms of sales. They do not see the need of spending part of their budget in advertisement to promote their products and services and influence consumer buying behavior. With great increase in technological advancement, effective advertising has become extremely important to be able to have competitive advantage, hence the need for this study. This study adopted a survey research design. It involves collection of data from respondents through questionnaire to test hypotheses. Multiple regression technique was used to test hypotheses. The research findings show that a significant and positive relationship lie between the independent variables emotional response, environmental response towards brand, brand awareness and sensory stimulated advertising and dependent variable consumer buying behavior. All the independent variables have statistically significant t-ratio and have positive relationship with consumer buying behavior. This result is consistent with the literature. We recommend that for effective advertising to take place, the target audience must be extensively reached to know their consumption pattern and behavior toward products and services. And that effort should be directed more on emotional related advertising, since consumers patronage are highly induced through their emotion.

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