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Dr. Ritu Kothiwal, Dr. Priyank Sharma, Dr. Deepak Sharma,Dr. Ankur Goel, Dr. Kumar Ratnesh,


India is on the path of Digital India, FII and DII’s in the country boost the country’s economy. Both FII and DII have dominant role in capital formation which assists in assets formation along with investments in the stock market form of  trading of  various securities. FII funds a capital sources in India from foreign countries , affect the financial system and boost the economical growth. During pandemic , covid -19 the Indian economy has faced severe changes which affected the DII and FDI funds too. The research paper points on the changes in the FII and DII funds due to pandemic with reference to increase in covid cases. Design/Methodology/Approach- The paper employs quantitative approach have exploratory research design. The secondary has been collected from authorized government sites i.e. & for infusion of FII and DII funds in India and data sheet of COVID-19 cases in India( January 2020 to December 2020). Furthermore, for analyze of data SPSS version 20 has been used. Correlation & regression and ANOVA; Statistical techniques have been applied to reach the findings. The findings exhibits that there has been a significant changes in FII and DII during the COVID first wave period as compared to the pre COVID.  Being FII and DII are very important for any countries economy, therefore studying the same and especially for the COVID period is highly essential from the Future perspective. This paper is original as till date no study has been conducted in detail to study the pattern and impact of FII and DII during the COVID times.

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