An Analysis of Cultural Intelligence on Work Performance Towards It Employees in Chennai

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V. Sathyavathi, Dr. R. Angayarkanni


Cultural intelligence is a significant competence in the Indian setting because of the country's many different cultures. A person's capacity to communicate effectively with persons from other cultures is enhanced by cultural intelligence. It is developed as a crucial aspect of effective performance and interaction within and between diverse cultural situations. It is crucial to study about the connections between job performance and people in order to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of jobs. Performance on the job has a substantial impact on the profitability of any business. Success or failure of an organization is closely tied to the quality of its workforce. The purpose of the study is to examine the impact of cultural intelligence on employees work performance. The data for the study has been collected from 100 employees of IT sector. The methodologies used for the present study is descriptive statistics, reliability, ANOVA and factor analysis. These findings provide light on the importance of Cultural Intelligence in the workplace. A Cultural intelligence result that contributes to intercultural effectiveness is the ability to function well under pressure. Cultural intelligence is a key factor in employee productivity since those individuals who have high cultural intelligence tend to perform better.

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