Artificial Intelligence Accomplishments in Human Resource Management

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Dr. A. P. Gayatri, J. Sagar Babu


Technological advancements has transformed the tempo of all industries in today's vibrant and challenging society. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an innovation that allows businesses to expand at a quicker rate while also completing their tasks more effectively. This innovation has made its way into a variety of sectors, including accounting, human resources, advertising, and manufacturing. The AI technology has allowed the company to improve its current productivity and conduct activities more effectively on a daily basis. Individuals functioning at various management positions are presently making concerted efforts and realizing the need for AI at work as a result of the contemporary and challenging market. The information was analyzed using regression model, and the researchers employed numerical modeling to carry out the study. AI as a platform has a part in several Human resource management (HRM) processes, ranging from recruitments to evaluating employee effectiveness.  The relationship between AI and Human resource (HR) tasks, as well as the many activities done by the HR division, will be investigated in this work. The goal is to comprehend factors like as creativeness and how HR activities are used. HR personnel from several IT firms were examined for the research. The results of the investigation revealed a favorable relationship between many criteria such as simplicity of use and creativeness, indicating that AI has an impact on both. This study article will give in-depth understanding about AI, which is currently undergoing a major industrial transformation known as Industry 4.0.


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