Influence Of Career Competency Development And Satisfaction On A Firm

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Mr. Chinmay Das , Dr. S Chandrasekaran,



The effects of developing employees' career abilities (knowing-why, knowing-how, and knowing-whom) on the employing organisation are examined in this study, as well as the function of career happiness in this relationship. The goal of this paper is to contribute to the growing body of knowledge about the effects of employees' boundaryless careers A two-wave quantitative investigation of graduates of a large public university in Hyderabad is used in this study.  The findings imply that individuals contribute to company culture, competences, and connections by investing in the development of their career competencies. These contributions, however, are contingent on employees' perceptions of career satisfaction. Employees that are satisfied in their jobs are more likely to give more to their companies.

Research limitations/implications - To replicate the current findings, more longitudinal research is needed, supported by a third wave of data collecting. The study emphasises the relevance of career development for employees in the workplace. This is an empirical assessment of the relationship between the development of employees' career competences and their contributions to their employers, as well as one of the first studies to look at career satisfaction as a moderating variable.

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