A quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Impact of Preoperative Patient Education on Selected Physiological Parameter, Anxiety level and Compliance to Education Among Patient Undergoing Abdominal Surgery Admitted in Selected Hospitals at Pune City, Mahara

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Mr. Intekhab, Mrs. Archala Khemnar


The preoperative patient education is very necessary to prevent the complication, increasing the awareness regarding the procedure protocol, gain a better understanding of their surgery, decreased postoperative pain and anxiety, reducing the stay of hospital and as soon as possible regain the normal health process of patient without any hospital hazards. Preoperative patient education is very effective on patients undergoing in abdominal surgery & management of anxiety and compliance of education. The aim of the study: to assess the impact of preoperative patient education on selected physiological parameter, anxiety level and compliance to education among patient undergoing abdominal surgery. Material and method: In present study, researcher adopted Quantitative Approach and Quasi experimental post-test group research design. It was carried out on 60 hospitalized patients in surgery ward. The Non probability purposive sampling method was adopted, data was collected using demographic profile & clinical profiles and preoperative patient education was given to interventional group. The impact of preoperative patient education was assessed by patient’s compliance scale & anxiety assessed by Anxiety test for adults Results: The study is concluded with majority of patients were having age group 51- 60 years & that is 33.33%. Gender wise majority of patients were having male 63.33% and female were 36.66%. Majority of participant were received secondary education level that is 43.33%. 16.66 % participants were having comorbidity in experimental group. Majority of were age group 51- 60 years that is 33.33%. Female 80.00% and male are 20.00%. Majority of participant received graduate level that is 36.66%. 26.66 % participants were having comorbidity. 95% of patient were having normal parameters and 5 % of patients were having abnormal vital parameters experimental group and control group. Finding shows majority of have high level of anxiety before preoperative education that is 100%. After intervention majority of patient have moderate level of anxiety that is 73.34% and 26.66% have mild level of anxiety in experimental group and finding shows that according the majority of patient high level of anxiety before surgery that is 100%. After surgery majority of patient have high level of anxiety that is 90.00% and 10.00% have moderate levels of anxiety A study shows Impact of preoperative patient education among patients undergoing to abdominal surgery in experimental group is analyzed by unpaired t-test. The mean of compliance of preoperative patient education scale experimental group before intervention was 30.43 & after intervention score was 17.50 which indicates the calculated t-value 9.8078 is more than tabulated value. The value of t is 9.8078.  So, result is significant at p <0.05. Before Intervention the overall mean score is 30.43, and after intervention the overall mean score is 17.50.the SD before intervention 2.90 and after intervention is 6.62 at the df is 58 it shows that the impact of preoperative patient education is significant. Conclusion: From the above findings, the researcher concluded that the preoperative patient education is effective to reduce the compliance of education & anxiety as well as its boost the quick recovery of post-operative patients.

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