Mathematical excellence skill included in the mathematics book for the sixth Scientific grade

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Saad Taresh Hatem Al-Saadi


The research aims at determining the mathematical excellence skills included in the mathematics book content for the sixth scientific  grade or the academic year 2021/ 2022, by answering the main research question?


What are the mathematical excellence skills included in the mathematics book content for the sixth scientific grade?

Descriptive analytical approach was applied, for achieving the objective of the research, the researcher prepared mathematical excellence skills list by reviewing the successful countries experiences and reviewing international documents and journals in creating academic excellence in higher education, and the excellence in mathematics Group issued by the Scottish government. Mathematical excellence can be identified(deep understanding, mathematical representation, mathematical sense, mathematical Connection, mathematical communication, creative thinking)

Math's Excellence Group, (2011: 11-14)

Mathematical excellence skillsindicators were also prepared, and after analyzing the book content, percentages were used to determine the mathematical excellence skillsfor the book content. Analysis reliability was confirmedby two methods: the firstmethod is analysis over time, where by this method, the reliability coefficient reached (96%), which means the analysisreliability between the researcher and himself over time, and the second method: Analysis reliability across individuals and it was between the researcher and the second analyzer, by this method the reliability reached (94%) by using the Holisti equation. The researchers concluded that the mathematical excellence skills included in the book in varying percentage.

The creative thinking skill got the highest percentage of the mathematical excellence skills, which was (26%), while the deep thinking skill came in second place by(25%), and the mathematical communication skill came third by(17%), while mathematical representation skill came fourth by(14%), while mathematical sense and mathematical Connection skillscame fifth by (9%).

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