Perception of Work Satisfaction among Healthcare Workers during Covid-19 Pandemic at Private Hospitals of Bareilly District, UP

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Varsha Dixit, Dr. Lalit Mohan Pant, Dr. Subho Chattopadhyay


On December 2019 a pneumonia virus infection has broken out in Wuhan, China and investigation resulted in recognition of a novel Corona virus. The first case of covid-19 had been found in Kerala, was a medical student who had been returned from the epicenter of covid-19 itself Wuhan china. On 30th Jan 2020Covid-19 has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by world health organization on the same day 30 Jan 2020.Covid-19 pandemic did not leave any aspect of human lives untouched including social activity, education, leisure, spiritual activity. The objective of our research is to find out the existence of work satisfaction among health care workers during Covid-19 Pandemic at private hospitals in Bareilly district. Our study is a cross sectional descriptive study using offline and online based survey. The population of this study includes Doctors, Technical Staff and Supporting Staff working in different private hospitals in Bareilly, a district of Uttar Pradesh. The study was conducted just before the second wave (Feb-Mar 2021) the most contagious and deadly one hit the India. Participants of the study had been recruited by using a “snowball” and “convenient” sampling. It is found in above research that, there is significant impact of independent factors (promotions, co-worker, supervision and benefits) on work satisfaction of healthcare workers during covid 19. It also finds that dependent variable (work satisfaction) is not significantly correlated with the socio demographic variable (age, gender, experience and marital status).

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