Gender Relations in the Arab Culture in al-Mashreq in the Postwar

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Bushra Al-Muttairi


This study highlights gender relations in the Arab culture in al-Mashreq in the Postwar as trends that prevailed the social justice in the Arab Region after World War II. Gender relations will mainly cover three conceptions; centrality of the family in the Arab culture, marriage, and early forced marriage. The study focused on these conceptions for their profound impact personally and socially. The researcher, during his long study of Contemporary Metaphor Theory and its main five pillars; language, thought, forces, time and place, launched a stage of deep reading about the Arab region in the postwar and tried to name and identify Influencing forces, whether they are socially defined or politically related (Al-Muttairi, 2022: 1).  This critical study has an importance to highlight and investigate these three conceptions and repercussions and shows the extent of their impacts on the societies in the Arab region.

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