A Qualitative Analysis of the Indian Television Cartoon Shows among young parents

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A C Balaji, Nandini Lakshmikantha


While there is already a consensus in the scientific community about the deleterious effects of television viewing habits, a qualitative analysis on television cartoon shows is largely unexplored in India, a country that is making significant strides in broadcasting sector, backed by rising consumer demand. This has led to a highly competitive scenario in kid’s television market wherein the proportion of imported animated content is more than the In-house content. Notably with the increasing number of satellite cartoon channels in India, the demand for imported animated content is on the rise and this is a rising concern of the parents, because cartoon shows have a significant effect on the social, cognitive and emotional development of children. The study strives to discover the different themes of the cartoon television shows and examine the nature of television viewership, co-viewing habits and viewership effects using the data from semi-structured interviews with young parents. The research findings reveal the expectations of the Parents from kid’s television channels & its content, as well as children's interest in various themes of cartoon shows and the main characters.

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