Tree Seedlings Growth in Dry Tropical Environment

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MS. Vasundhra Singh


This report focuses on the effectiveness of tropical areas and the development of the seedlings in dry tropical atmosphere. These areas have two types of soil; those are black soil and red soil. Black soil contains greater organic matter and more enzyme activities, higher microbial biomass, and greater nutrition (such as amoA) and denitrification (such as nirS and nirK). These develop a positive bacterial community structure for the development of plants and dense forests. This report found that An effective ecological atmosphere is related to the photosynthesis criteria, that light interception (that is SLA or specific leaf area), light absorption (that is Chla/b or chlorophyll a and b ratio), light use (that is Fv/Fm or fluorescence parameters; PIabs and Ptotal), biochemical limitations (that is Asat, CO2 assimilation saturated by light) and diffusive limitations (that is gs and stomatal conductance).

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