Lamenting Friends in the Poetry of Sharif Al-Radi

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Rua`a Abdullah Khadim, Prof. Dr. Sattar Abdullah Jasim


            Abu al-Hasan Muhammad ibn al-Husayn, Sharif al-Radhi, is a glorified poet, as the poet al-Sharif al-Radi had wide, deep and Al-Taweel friendships in the fourth century AH, but he was afflicted by the affliction of these friends one after the other, so he left them with a warm and sincere lament, especially since the bond of friendship stands with  the level of the bond of family affiliation in al-Radhi’s experiences, and perhaps its superiority in the abundance of poems and pieces that emerged from it and expressed its effects and psychological interventions, and at the same time revealed the features of the supreme model that he has been searching for, winning it sometimes and failing it sometimes).(1),Although the sources did not mention anything about some of the eulogized friends, but it is a legacy that is considered from the eyes of what was organized in the lamentation of friends, and we will mention the talk about the friends of the Sharif poet al-Radi according to the chronological order of each friend: Abu Ali al-Farsi, Abu Mansour al-Shirazi the writer, Abu Ishaq al-Sabi, and Abu Al-Qasim Al-Sharif Ali bin Al-Hassan, Al-Muzaffar Abu Al-Hassan, Abu Al-Qasim Abdul-Aziz bin Youssef Al-Hakkar, Abu Al-Hasan Al-Muqallad bin Al-Musayyib, Al-Hussain bin Al-Hajjaj, Abu Abdullah bin Al-Imam Al-Mansouri, Abu Al-Awwam Al-Badawi, and Abu Bakr bin Shahawiya.Knowledge, prestige, leaders, poets and others.

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