Occupation Stress and Its Effects on Employee Performance in It Sector

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Nijina Jose, Dr. K. Sundar


In any organization occupational stress and its effects over the performance of employees has been identified as the prime area of concern.  The stressful work environment and related outcomes are evident in IT industry, since it is a fast paced service sector.In this study the main focus is on the level of Occupation stress inferred by the IT employees and its impact on their performance.  138 IT employees from various companies took part in this survey. Questionnaire is used as the survey instrument and the instrument comprises of three sections.  .  The sampling technique followed is of two stage sampling, in the first stage, for selecting the IT Organisation Purposive sampling method is adopted. In the second stage, for selecting the respondents within the IT companies, Simple random sampling method is adopted.  Descriptive measures, Multiple regression analysis and One-way ANOVA are the statistical tools used to establish the objectives. SPSS v23 is used to compile the data and perform data analysis. Reliability of the study is found by assessing Cronbach’s Alpha value and it was found to be 0.828 (82.8%).  It is noted that Career ambiguity followed by Role in the organization and Essential factors of the job influences the Occupation stress more among the IT employees. It is inferred from the results that Role in the organization, Relationships at work, Career ambiguity and Organizational structure and environment has significant negative effect on Employee performance. Significant influence of age, annual income and experience on Employee performance is noted.

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