The Effect of Family Financial Management Implementation in Beneficiary Families toward Family Hope Program: Evidence from Indonesia

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Suharto, Ani Nurul Imtihanah, Muhammad Iqbal Fasa, Anas Malik, Is Susanto


The Indonesian government is trying to carry out poverty alleviation programs by implementing the Family Hope Program. This study aims to see FDS material's effect on the economy on the financial management of KPM PKH with the population being the Beneficiary Family (KPM) Family Hope Program (PKH) and PKH Facilitators. They are in Lampung, Yogyakarta, and Bandung. This research is a mixed method of mixed data research. Qualitative data is used to describe the condition of KPM and the family financial management process of KPM. At the same time, quantitative is obtained using a questionnaire as a data collection tool and processed with statistical data. The results of this study found that PKH assistance funds were beneficial for those who received assistance, especially in the household needs sector and for children's school supplies. Whereas the perceived output is that the beneficiaries in managing finances are more orderly and structured, better financial management is expected to change lives for the better.

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