Percentage of Patients Receiving Prefabricated Metal Post and Core as Post Endodontic Restoration - A Retrospective Study

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Shivani.N, Dr Adimulapu Hima Sandeep



Endodontically treated Teeth often require post and core restoration for retention purposes because of extensive structural defects resulting from caries and Access cavity preparation.there are various types of post and core materials used and each of them possess unique properties. Through this study we aimĀ  to evaluate the percentage of patients receiving prefabricated metal post as the post endodontic restoration.

Materials And Methods:

The total sample size of the study was 1730 patients. This was a comparative, descriptive study, where all the data of the patients who reported to the dental clinics in Saveetha dental College, Chennai, India was obtained from the dental information archiving software (DIAS). Patient record was collected between March 2020 and March 2021. Data was collected and tabulated. The collected data was further analysed, recorded in Microsoft Excel software and was subjected to statistical analysis using IBM SPSS statistics analyser v.23.0. Chi square test was done with statistical significance p <0.05


Out of the 1730 patients, 46.1% of the patients belonged to the 36-55 years age group. Among male and female, an almost equal predominance was found between the two in receiving post and core as a post endodontic restoration and among the various types of post and cores, 47.5% of the patients received prefabricated metal post. The association of the type of post and core with age and gender respectively, was found to be statistically significant. P <0.005


From the study, it was found that the percentage of patients receiving prefabricated metal post was higher than those receiving prefabricated fibre post and custom-made post.

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