Influence of the Contemporary Mobile Marketing Strategies on the Consumers Engagement in Shopping via Mobile Apps in Nigeria

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Modupe Abidemi Sulaimon, Kateryna Vorobyova


The main rationale of this research is the impact of in application mobile marketing strategies to consumer’s engagement. The study are filling the gaps and to enabling this study in Nigeria context of both existing evidence and its practical applications. The Role of Contemporary Mobile Marketing Strategies is acutely; how businesses deal with their consumers need by using different tools such as Campaigns, Promotions, Vouchers, and Feeds. Others created The Role of Contemporary Mobile Marketing Strategies frameworks like the following customer service activities regard for the rights of customers, offering quality services and products and giving info that's usefulӏ and truthfulӏ. Different hypotheses are going to be examined for this study to assess the relations between proposed variables. The population for this research is all the residence in Nigeria who used Mobile apps for shopping. According to the reports, there are around 106 million of adults as estimated population and the targeted sample size is 385 subjects that respect the Kerjici and Morgan formula, but the plan is to collect 150% of the sample to secure enough proper sample after data screening. Data obtained from the survey is analysed by utilizing the software Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 25) and SmartPLS 2.0. Based on the research objective, prediction and theory development, then the appropriate method is PLS‑SEM.

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