Etching Technique Used for Composite Restoration in Class I Cavities

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B.Aishwarya Reddy, Dr Adimulapu Hima Sandeep


Background:Acid etching is the use of an acidic substance to prepare the tooth's natural enamel for the application of an adhesive.The application of weak acid, usually 30% phosphoric acid roughens the surface before bonding a resin filling or veneer.

Aim:The aim of this study was to determine the etching technique used for composite restoration in class I cavities.

Materials & Methods: A total of 5391 patients who had undergone class I composite restoration in the mandibular 1st molars were taken from April 2020 to March 2021.The data was collected from the patient management system. The data was collected and the analysis was done using SPSS by IBM version 23.

Results: Out of 5391 composite restorations, 95.03% of the restorations were done using self etching technique and 4.97% of them were done using total etching technique.

Conclusion: Total etching technique was the most common etching technique used in class I composite restorations.

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