Education on Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety’s for Road Construction Workers at State Highway-85 during Covid-19 Pandemic Situation.

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AJ Shreyas, Dr. C. Anbalagan


India is a fast Developing Country in the World.  During Construction or development of Road Projects occurs a Accidents for Labours , Traffic Vehicles in sometime Environmental problems are created due to Unscientific or Unsafe Highway Construction Management Technique’s.  In the Highway Construction involves Physical, Chemical, Electrical, and Machineries Hazardous to the labours or Workers in Road Construction Site. And also includes Risky Operations and Occupational Unhealthy Operation , Unskilled labours Causes Deaths, Minor or Major Health issues, Accidents, delay of work , Cost affect to Contractors, losses of  Construction Company Reputation. For the most important the Ergonomic injuries due to the High or Low illumination of light , High levels of Sound (db) Toxic Substances are causes the Accidents are occurred from the Ergonomic factors , Such as Exertion ,Physical  Contact with Pressure, Exposure to vibrating Machineries, Expose the body to Extreme Heat or Cold Environment have create major problems on Work and Safety of the Road Construction. Mainly the workers or Labors Suffering from the Muscular Skeletal Disorders, Strain & Stress Due to the hard work, Collision with Equipment, Vehicle related Accidents.  Mainly the Labours and workers behavior Plays a very important role in the Road or Highway Construction Site. The Occupational Safety and Health Act (1970) defines Protect the Employers, have a legal obligation provide with a Safe Environment with Safety Precautionary Measurements in Highway Construction. The main agenda of this Paper is to Educate and Awareness for  the labors , how and why to use of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Highway Construction Site, Safety Regulations, Traffic Control Systems, Safety Culture adopted in Highway Construction, Identifying the Hazard Materials,  First Aid Treatment, Causes of Accidents and Hazards, Environmental Awareness and Health Awareness Programs , Covid-19 Pandemic’s etc.. And Mainly the Paper Concluded that Create a Awareness among Highway Construction Workers and Educate to Adopt the Various Safety Related Equipments, Measurements, and Protection in Highway Construction Site.

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