A Study of Ambient Noise Level Monitoring by Using Direct Measurement Method in SH-85 (State Highway-85), Karnataka, India.

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AJ Shreyas, Dr. C. Anbalagan


In Human’s day to day lifestyle , Population growth, human  activities  in  urban and rural places have a  great impact on the improvement in transportation zone. Mainly the noise level is increased by the traffic Vehicles such as Government vehicles, Private vehicles, commercial vehicles are caused the noise.  Noise is created by traffic is causes many harmful effects such as highly increasing of stress , Sleepiness, difficulties in communication and hearing losses ( it may be Permanent or Temporary hearing losses) problem. Hence it is required to monitoring the status of traffic noise produced by the number of vehicles.  In the present work , monitoring the ambient noise level along a state highway corridor on State Highway( SH-85) passing through Magadi Taluk to Somwarpet Taluk via, Ramangar , Tumkuru, Mandya , Mysuru, Hassan Distrcict  has been considered. We studied noise level at different location in Nagamangala. The  data was collected from 2 different locations over a period of 6 months and noise level was compared. Noise level monitoring was conducted day and night twice in 6 months, at two different locations and results were discussed. The monitoring ambient noise level results were discussed with Prescribed Standards. Monitoring of Ambient Noise Level, locations, Methods and Methodology’s, Results and Discussions are also described in this Paper

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