Impact of Interface Quality and Emotional Quality on the Smart Government E-Service Quality in the Police of Dubai – Moderation of Awareness of Smart Government

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Almukhayat Abdulla Atiq Mahdi Abdulla, Abdul Manaf Bin Bohari


This study aimed to examine the moderation role of the awareness of smart government in modelling the E service quality based on the interface quality and emotional Quality factors among the Dubai police officers. The proposed conceptual framework consists of two independenttechnology based variables which are interface quality and emotional quality, E-service quality as the dependent variable, and awareness of smart government as the moderator. The unit of analysis is the individual staffs of UAE police force and the target population for this study is the entire staffs of the police force in Dubai. Police of Dubai is chosen because of the advanced technologies that adopted in this organisation. Based on the recent reports from the UAE government (2021), a total of 17500 police officers are working in Dubai police and the sample size based on Morgan table, is 376. The results revealed that the two direct relationships are significant; emotional quality (0.290), and interface quality (0.096). In addition, the results revealed that the moderation of awareness of smart government can affect the relationship from emotional quality but not interface quality.

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