Development of Question Answering System in Marathi Language

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Bharat A. Shelke, C. Namrata Mahender


Data is available in large amountson the internet. People have become interested in searching their needs on the internet as it is the simplest way of gaining information on a click. Thus, the QA system is very important in retrieving the correct responses. Even “Question Answering” systems are needed in the education system. It is observed that during Covid-19 pandemic online education became the generic way of teaching learning which really sustained the education. The form of examination in online mode is mostly MCQ and many courses require subjective assessment too. Question answering is classified in two main parts: “Open domain question answering system” and “Closed domain question answering system”. Our work concerns the closed domain scenario. During our study, we found that in the Indian scenario few systems are available in local languages like Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, etc. But very little work is done in Marathi language. This paper presents QA System in Marathi Language for retrieving the answer from Marathi text corpus.

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