“Gender and Age Difference Study Habit of School Students: A Brief Survey”

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Nisha.K., Dr. N.Prema


This study was aimed to measure the level of study habit among school students and to find out the significant difference in their level of study habit based on Gender as well as Age. Descriptive survey method was adopted for the present study. The investigator has prepared a questionnaire and standardized for the purpose. The scores achieved on the questionnaire give an idea whether the students possess good study habits or not. It also helped to know whether there is a need to develop these study skills. These factors are part of the questionnaire and through the questionnaire the study habit of school students were measured.  A sample of 252 students from a school was used to conduct the survey.  Sampling technique used was convenient random sampling. The results showed that there is a significant difference between Boys and Girls in their mean scores of study habit and also between different age groups.

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