A Study on Perception of Branch Managers Towards Risk Management Practices of Selected Nationalised and Private Banks in Tirunelveli District

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Giftson Solomon J, Dr D Janis Bibiyana


The main aim of the study is to appraise the Risk Management System employed by Nationalised banks and Private sector banks and the perceptions of branch managers of the study units towards Risk Management System. The required data for the present study are collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data are collected with the help of structured interview schedule designed for bank managers. The present study has employed the judgement sampling techniques. The criteria considered for selecting the sample units include the number of branches. A sample of 50 bank branch managers each from nationalised banks and private sector banks has been selected. The selected branch managers have been interviewed personally with the help of structured interview schedule. In the present study, a sincere attempt has been made to analyze the parameters of Risk Management Systems to oversee the management of NPAs by banks and together the experiences of branch managers of both Nationalised banks and Private Sector Bank groups in urban, semi-urban and rural areas which suggest that recovery of NPAs will be more effective if proper care is taken by bank officials in shouldering the recovery drive more enthusiastically and confidently.

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