Scientific Aptitude of Higher Secondary School Students in the State of Tamilnadu

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A. Balasundaram, Dr. I. Muthuchamy


Science plays a huge part in our culture today. In the present world, science dictates our way of life. Students and parents see learning science as a status symbol. Scientific aptitude is a critical component of improving student scientific learning. As a result, the researcher advised researching the scientific ability of Tamilnadu's upper secondary students, with a particular emphasis on the Tiruchirappalli, Tiruverumbur, and Musiri educational districts. The survey included 1000 upper secondary students from both urban and rural schools throughout the three educational districts. It was decided to employ startified random sampling. The SAS, which was built by the investigator, was used to gather data. The findings and outcomes are described. Students in Higher Secondary School, Scientific Aptitude

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