Scientific Aptitude among Higher Secondary Students in Relation to Their Study Practices

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A. Balasundaram, Dr. I. Muthuchamy


Scientific Aptitude plays a major role in deep understanding the concepts of science subject. It is a special intellectual ability to comprehend scientific facts and knowledge .It is a specific ability which enables the individual to acquire scientific knowledge and understanding through the process of teaching and learning.While teaching any science lessons at the Higher Secondary level. A teacher introduces science related activities, concepts, interestingly which arouse thescientific temper among students. The higher secondary students are able to grasp in their mind about the science concepts, because of the role of scientific attitude, scientific aptitude makes the students to be able to understand, and analyze the scientific concepts in a meaningful and purposeful creations. Once, the students learn with healthy study practices thoroughly the science subject which makes them easy to perform well in the examinations. The purpose of this study is to critically analyze the relationship between study practices and scientific aptitude of higher secondary science students. The study adopted a descriptive method with normative survey technique. A sample of 215 higher secondary plus one students was selected as sample for this study by using a simple random sample technique. The data was analyzed by using descriptive, differential and correlation analysis. The study found a significant positive correlation between scientific aptitude and study practices of Higher Secondary students. The higher secondary boys and girls do not differ significantly in respect of their scientific aptitude and their study practices in different learning environment.

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