Rani Velunachiyar- The Sprit of Narisakthi

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Dr. S. Santhi, Dr. R. Radha, Dr. A. D. Padmasree, M. Thirumalaichamy, Dr. P. Thangamuthu, Dr. AR. Saravanakumar


Sivaganga is a town and headquarters of the Sivaganga district in South India. It is also the headquarters of the Sivaganga Taluk. It was under Ramnad district until 1984 and subsequently a part of the newly formed Sivaganga district. The town is located at a distance of 48 km (30 mi) from Madurai and 449 km (279 mi) from the state capital Chennai. Sivaganga Kingdom was founded by Sasivarna Periya Oodayan Thevar in 1730. The town was subsequently ruled by his successors and ultimately by Velu Nachiyar under the stewardship of Marudhu Pandiyar. They were against the British Empire, but ultimately lost to them in 1790. The Company appointed Gowry Vallaba Periya Oodaya Thevar as the Zamindars of Sivaganga in 1801, whose successors continued with chaos until India's Independence in 1947.

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