Social History of Perungulam in Thoothukudi District

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A. Radha, Dr. G. Paranthaman


The term "Perunkulam" denotes big pond. Perunkulam is situated on the southern bank of big pond. That is why it is called as Perunkulam. Perunkulam is one of the reputed Mukthi shetras to reach the abode of lord Siva. Perunkularn is situated (18) Eighteen k.m from Srivaikuntam on the Northern bank of river Thamiraparani in a size of 20.48 Perunkulam was one of the revenue divisions created by the British Governor. The village administration of Perunkulam is governed by the village administrative officer. Major portions of the population of Perunkulam consists of the Brahmins, the Vellalars, the Maravars, the Yadavas, the Kammalas, the Pallas, the Parayas and the Chakkiliyas. The other caste people are living in limited numbers. This paper Social History of Perungulam.

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