Digital Transformation in Education

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Ms. Vandana Aggarwal, Dr. Meghna Mehndroo


Education is revolutionized and redefining for our young generation, now new era of digital and virtual education has initiated across the globe. Traditional classrooms were characterized by sitting in the classrooms for longer time where teachers used to provide information without any visual presentation. In today’s world nothing is static rather boost continuous change in our education system. Digital and virtual education makes our education more practical, innovative, inclusive and participatory in an interesting manner. In India we can see the shift of our education from Gurukul system where Guru’s Play very significant role in the teaching learning system to digital world where everything surrounds around the children. Due to the rise of new technologies like cloud, virtual data centers and virtualization integrate the system with educational industries which gave enormous opportunities to the students to learn the best around them according to their own ease. Purpose of the Present research is to give overview of the digital education, main components benefits and viable challenges faced by Indian society to become a digital one.

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