Bioclimatic Architecture: A Sustainable Approach to Meet Emerging Energy Demands of Jodhpur, India

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Aruna Baghel, Kamlesh Kumhar, Priyanka Mehta, Harendra Bohra


In recent years, energy requirement in Jodhpur has increased significantly. According to the prediction, the current tendency will continue indefinitely. Buildings can be designed to use significantly less energy than today's average in order to meet these demands. Using sustainable methods and renewable technology using available resources to reduce energy consumption of buildings in hot and dry areas can be a way to address the issue. Jodhpur is subjected to severe bright sunlight, sandstorms, and hot weather as a result of its geographic location, which could be harnessed to develop it as a solar farm to attain thermal comfort in the built environment. The energy problem can be reduced by considering climate and including passive design, as well as using active solar technology and modeling and simulation before construction.

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