Student Performance Prediction with Online Learning Analytics using Dataset of Exam Metrics

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Sowmiya N, Dr. Baby Anitha E, Dr. M. Somu


Student Performance Prediction Analysis will help to the students and the faculties about the understand and the improvement area of the student with the education system outcomes. It provides the environment to the lectures to understand the culture of the student improvement area with academic and non-academic or non-curricula area of interest of the student as per the Research conducted between 2012 to 2021 was the base research for the fundamental activities of the student performance analysis based on the student performance outcome metrics of the curriculum activities. For the paper gone through lots of papers related to student analysis metrics and to proceed with the curriculum and non-curriculum activities of the student outcomes So, Forming the system with highly scalable and more predictive using the real time data for the result outcomes instead of previous year data kind of analysis with Microservices Architectural View of the Data Mining. The Development code is available on cloud github with services with for microservices

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