Clinical Understanding of Rogamarga and Its Sadhya Asaadhyathwa

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Dr. Shihabudheen Gurukkal C H, Dr. Arun Vaidya, Dr. Sreevisakh T.S


In our classics the health (Swasthya) is defined as the equilibrium state of Dosha(bodily humor), Dhatu(fundamental elements), Agni (digestive fire) and Mala (waste products) as well as the pleasant state of Aatma(Soul), Indriya(Sense organs) and Manas(Mind). When theDoshas (bodily humor), attaining the Vikrutaavastha (vitiation), leading to a chain of events so called Samprapti(Pathogenesis), ultimately leading to the manifestation of disease. This state is termed as Roga(Disease), which is nothing but contrary to health. To understand and diagnose the Roga at its full stretch, we need to rely upon the SampraptiGhatakas (Factors responsible for the pathogenesis) starting from Dosha (bodily humor), Dushya (Body tissues), Agni(Digestive fire) and Rogamarga (Pathway to disease) etc. So, for maintaining the health, the understanding, analyzing and maintaining the normalcy of the above said factors such asDosha (bodily humor), Dushya(Body tissues), Agni(Digestive fire) and Rogamarga(Pathway to disease) etc. are very much necessary.

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