Text Cryptography based on Arabic Words Characters Number

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Omar Fitian Rashid, Mohammed Jasim Mohammed, Mustafa Sabah Mahmood


Cryptography is a method used to mask text based on any encryption method, and the authorized user only can decrypt and read this message. An intruder tried to attack in many manners to access the communication channel, like impersonating, non-repudiation, denial of services, modification of data, threatening confidentiality and breaking availability of services. The high electronic communications between people need to ensure that transactions remain confidential.  Cryptography methods give the best solution to this problem. This paper proposed a new cryptography method based on Arabic words; this method is done based on two steps. Where the first step is binary encoding generation used to encode messages (characters, numbers, and special characters) to binary numbers. Three encoding ideas are proposed for this reason. At the same time, the second step is used Arabic language words to represent the obtained binary sequences to achieve the final secret text. The obtained results exhibited that sending a text containing secret messages in a different language (Arabic) cannot be suspicious when read.

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