The Role of Green Human Resource Management Practice in Reducing Quality Costs: A Field Study in Al Qaim General Hospital

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Naser Talib Shareef, Ali Ahmed Mohammed, Sinan Raheem Jasim


The study aimed to verify the effect of the practice of green human resources management as an independent variable in reducing quality costs as a responsive variable in Al-Qaim General Hospital and to try to come up with many recommendations that contribute to strengthening the practice of green human resources management that contribute to reducing quality costs in the research organization, and based on the importance of the research For society in general and for the organization and its members in particular, the exploratory analytical approach was relied upon in the completion of this study, and the research community included Al-Qaim General Hospital in Anbar Governorate, while the study sample amounted to (52) a questionnaire represented by workers in the departments (management, finance, quality) as an intentional sample, a respondent From the questionnaire that included (28) items. And the program SPSSV.25, Excel.v.16) was adopted with the adoption of descriptive and inferential statistics methods (confirmatory factor analysis, arithmetic mean, relative importance, Pearson correlation coefficient, multiple regression coefficient) to test its hypotheses. The most prominent results were the application of Al-Qaim General Hospital. The practices of green human resources management in its dimensions (green employment, green training, green performance evaluation, green compensation) and this indicates the awareness of workers of the importance of these practices and ways to apply them. It is important in reducing quality costs.

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