A Descriptive Study to Assess the Awareness Regarding T.B Harega Desh Jitega Campaign Among Rural Community People of Pune District

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Ravi Mehta, Vaishali Gaikwad


Tuberculosis is One-third of all world largest population is infected with Mycobacterium TB, making it a global public health threat. In 2008, tuberculosis resulted in 9.4 million new cases, 7.6 million existing illnesses, and 1.3 million deaths. Smear-positive cases occurred at a rate of 84 per 100,000 persons per year. All types of TB and smear-positive cases had predicted prevalence rates of 5.05 and 2.27 per 1,000 individuals, respectively.  Objectives of the study: Assess the awareness regarding T.B harega desh jitega campaign among rural community people, to find out the association with selected demographic variables. Material and Methods: In present study, researcher adopted non - experimental descriptive research design was used. It was carried out on 350 samples. The Non-probability convenient sampling strategy was adopted.to data was collected using the structured questionnaire. The average time taken by each sample for answering the question was 15-20 minute. Data analysis was done mainly using descriptive statistics. Result: The findings shows that awareness regarding T.B harega desh jitega campaign among rural community people is around equal percentage as 90.86% sample were having inadequate awareness, 7.43% were having adequate awareness and 1.71% were having no awareness. The mean score is 12.94 with SD 2.46. Conclusion: T.B harega desh jitega campaign majority 62% were know about the T.B harega desh jitega campaign and 38% were not know about the T.B harega desh jitega campaign. Recommendation: Same study can be done on the community health nurses.

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