Ways to Optimize Medical Services for Covid-19 Patients

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J.A. Rizaev, Z. B. B. Umirzakov, S. E. Umirov


 The timing of detection and hospitalization of patients with COVID-19 is an indicator of the quality and consistency of medical services, coordination and integration of the activities of various levels, specialties of the health care system and play an important role from a clinical and epidemiological point of view. In the Samarkand region Republic of Uzbekistan, 219 238 people were tested in 2020, of which 1,1% had SARS-COV-2 RNA. A positive result was observed in 1,4% of cases when taking samples at home from townspeople and in 1,07% when taking samples directly in laboratories for COVID-19, i.e. community sampling of patients did not adversely affect quality analysis. In patients treated in a hospital, COVID-19 proceeded from mild to moderate in 71,0% of cases and without pneumonia - in 33,0%. Consequently, it is necessary to rethink the organizational aspects of patient care, with an emphasis on the provision of outpatient care.

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