Role of Brand Equity in the Purchase Intention- A Study With Reference To Fmcg Consumers in Chennai City

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Venkateswara Rao M.K., Dr. Elavarasan R.


Brand equity is an important marketing phenomenon to attract the customers and also help the marketers to retain their customers for further repurchase of their products.  In the liberalisation and globalisation of Indian economy the marketers are facing heavy competition and they intended to become successful in the business by developing the brand equity of their products and making popular among all their customers. This paper particularly deals with brand equity of FMCGs and the purchase intention of the customers. The brand equity is directly referring to the brand popularity of the product for which the customers are able to easily to recall that brand. It can be easily defined as the brand equity comprises the essential property of the products are the services which is able to dominate the attitude and behaviour of customers David A.Aaker (1992).

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