Government Management Mechanism of Military Security Providing

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Mikhail A. Shlyakhtunov


Defense and security issues have again come to the fore in the role of modern political science. This is primarily due to the current geopolitical situation and the conflict-filled prospects for the development of the international military and political situation. Particular mechanism of government management underlies a core of national security, that includes certain objectives, goals, strengths, subject, shapes, funds and methods. This article opens features of government management that are applied to military security spheres. Current mechanism includes 5 mutual elements: base core, functions, resources, activity processes and coordination. In the modern system of international relations, the most significant geopolitical weight belongs to those states that currently have the main political factor — military power. And this fact is useless to deny, given that the sphere of military security of the state at this stage of its development has significantly expanded its functionality, having undergone a number of institutional and structural changes. Therefore, the urgent need to modernize, or rather even make institutional changes to the existing classical architecture of international and state security systems, is an urgent and obvious need.In this study, the problems of military security are considered as having the most priority in the scientific research on issues of state defense and security.

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