Impact of Sectarian Violence on the Life of the Virtuous People in Anuradha Roy's the Earthspinner

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M. Ratchagar, Dr. S. Florence


This article attempts to analyse the impact of sectarian violence on the virtuous people of The Earthspinner. In the modern technological era, violence has become a part and parcel of human life. Violence concerning religion has been an indispensable act. It is ridiculous to accept that when the developed nations compete in the race to capture Mars, Indians boast about religion and indulge in sectarian violence. Anuradha Roy, in her fifth novel, The Earthspinner, beautifully portrays the sectarian violence and its impact on the lives of Elango, the Hindu potter, and Zohra, the Muslim girl; Usman Alam, her grandfather; and Chinna, the dog adopted by Elango. Although set in the 80s, The Earthspinner explicitly portrays the thought of sectarian strife and futile fanaticism in contemporary India. Every second, every minute, every hour, and every day, unsympathetic acts like this sprout and destroy the lives of innocent people.

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