The Experimental Effect on Barium Sulphate on Mechanical Behavior of Natural Fibers as a Composite Material Matrix Made Aloevera Flax and Hemp Materials

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J. G. K. Kumar, Dr. R. Venkatesh Babu, Dr. S. Somasundaram


This research work paper deals with the mechanical properties and dynamic mechanical analysis test of composite material with chemical treatment. Since the natural fibers are eco-friendly and no harm to the humans and nature. This is only the way we can change our lives in a smooth manner. This is also the very much cost effective method by using barium sulphate on different mechanical properties of the reinforced composite. The high-performance lingo-cellulosic composites have with uniform densities, durability and have very high strength when compared with other materials like glass, plastic etc. The different fibers with different combinations were tested for 1 week and 15% of barium sulphate solution at around a temperature of 25 ○C. The dynamic mechanical analysis was carried out and further they were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy. Therefore the proper proportion of chemical treatment improves the matrix adhesion and hence gives the maximum performance of the composites. Hence mixing the materials with 9% of NaOH solution increases the 77% in tensile strength when compared with untreated material. Once the concentration was increased, the unchanged observations were noticed.

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